Global Wifi Hotspots

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Double-Play Bundle Package

Features & Benefits

  • Countrywide Coverage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • M1 Global Virtual Banking - Available Soon
  • IPTV up to 40 Channels

Bundle Package Deal

Internet + IPTV

Only P350

pesos per month


The only pro-active Wi-Fi provider that has the capability to service millions of devices at incredible high speeds, the only one that can and will integrate into Smart city/Building tech, will immediately become the largest consumer supplier in the country and will offer unlimited usage on all devices.

Globalflix IPTV:

The Wi-Fi will be enhanced and made a bit more “Sexy” with approx.. 40 Globalflix IPTV channels at no additional cost to consumers and no limitations due to the capacity of the Wi-Fi partner. Channels include local Philippine content as well as Religion, international news, sports and movies.

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