Our Beginning...

Our Story

Our goal is to redirect the course of the Philippines as a whole and turn it into a technology hotspots that could rival any modern cities in the world.

The ConnectPH Alliance is teaming with our technology Partners GlobalConnect and GlobalFlix to bring in disruptive internet technology to the Philippines with the goal of uniting and connecting the people of the Philippines. The formation of this Partnership is made possible because we were inspired by a common theme. From a technology stand point, we want to bring mesh Wifi technology to every island in the Philippines, so everyone can stay connected.

With a win-win strategy in mind, we have created a technology bundle package that will allow the people of the Philippines to have access to modern day conveniences from all the different islands. The bundle package will include unlimited wifi connections, IPTV and virtual banking services.

Our technology Partners have global licenses to offer the bundle package. This is a big advantage. It allows us to offer the bundle package to the people of the Philippines and other global audiences at about one-third the price. This is a big win for the people. Top notch technology, paired with affordability will allow everyone affordable Wifi networks.

Uniting & Connecting the Filipino People