Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive notification to confirm your pre-registration. As we get closer to the launch date, you will receive an email with instructions on what steps you will need to take to start receiving service.

We offer a 2-in-1 package called the Double Play Bundle Package. It is comprise of Unlimited Wifi and IPTV.

ConnectPH Alliance is a marketing group selected to offer the 2-in-1 Double Play Bundle Package. We are licensed to offer marketing services and is registered as Connect ITB Marketing Services in the Philippines. As a marketing service company, we have the flexibility to offer multiple products at our discretion.

Our mesh technology is a communication network made of radio nodes and organized in a mesh topology. Our Wifi mesh is like a road and our flexible platform allows us to adapt different protocol to provide user with a safe and convenient way to surf the internet.

We rely on Wifi access point/hotspot wherever it is available whether it comes from satellite or other forms. That is truly taking advantage of the available infrastructure. If that access point is not available we can add our own mesh based technology to generate our own access point.

With connected access point, it will allow our cloud based application services to passthrough and authenticate connections seamlessly and automatically. Over time the more WiFi access points we have integrated into our platform the more coverage we can get and the better the user experience becomes.

Every network added is embedded into our cloud based platform and protected by military grade security AES-256 ++. Making it almost impossible to hack or violate anyone’s networks. [By the way, strong security protocol is the wave of the future]

Our platform is hosted in the cloud and will be an app loaded on users phone or compatible devices to auto authenticate users on to wifi networks for unlimited data use.

Yes, this is legal. We comply with all technology protocols to offer our product and services. We are also in compliance with all regulatory license requirements. We have operational business agreements, with highly respectable business organizations that have been operating in the communications business sector for decades in the Philippines. The operational agreements allow our company to offer our technology bundle package throughout the Philippines. All licensing, governmental and regulatory requirements are covered under the operational agreements we have in place.

As mentioned earlier, this project involves many entities not just individual persons. The privacy and confidentiality agreements from the different entities will not allow us to disclose details of the operational business agreements. At this point, we can only tell you all entities involved are fully licensed and are in full regulatory compliance with all governmental bodies [A few of the entities involved have been in business for over 40 years]. Upon the full launch of this project, necessary information of this project will be revealed, unnecessary information will remain confidential and private.

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